John R. Burton
I didn’t have the highest of expectations coming to Reno to get married, but my future wife spent a lot of time planning & preparing for our wedding. Boy was I WRONG!
From the time we arrived at the GSR on 7/12 until we returned home on the 7/15, everybody we ran into was especially nice & friendly. What can I say was n be out G g
This was a small wedding (8) party, and we were treated like royalty by the staff. We will be back for our 10th wedding anniversary.
Thank You to Minister Vic who is a human highlight reel. You guys made our wedding feel unique, personal & special.
Once again Thank You to the staff.
Jessica Keith(non-registered)
I absolutely love this place. I Married the Man Ive been looking for My hole life. Thank Y'all and Thank you to My Husband Curtis Keith
Bobbi Attaway(non-registered)
We started our journey together on 2.8.2021, thank you arch of Reno!
Michele Chavez
Today marks the first month my Husband Joe and I have been married. After 17+ years of Friendship and two days unexpectedly before my Mom lost her battle to Cancer, we married on September 25th. We did not expect to make a decision so quickly to marry however, with my Mom's passing our Marriage is a Blessing to the both of us.

On behalf of the both of us, thank you to Shelby and Minister Marino for their care, patience and service. Our package and license arrived very timely and the portraits that were sent were just a few of our favorites.
Cynthia and Felicia Marie(non-registered)
“When I stopped being shallow I found the love of my life”

I never knew I could feel this way about a, passion, trust, honesty, laughter, communication, fun and so much more. You are my peace in a world where that’s hard to accept my challenge me to be’s crazy how I can talk to you about ANYTHING and feel so damn comfortable and at ease..we have had so many adventures, I cannot wait to experience even more with you! We did the unthinkable...I made you MY WIFE! It feels so honorable to say that. Thank you universe for honoring my prayers.. “it’s not about what I can do for you, it’s about how I can make you feel” I love you Felicia Marie
George Ruiz JR. -Myrtha Elena(non-registered)
My Husband and I can not thank you enough for all the details of our ceremony especially the rose ceremony which was very heartfelt and beautiful. They took every precaution with the Covid-19 pandemic situation. I highly recommend this chapel.
Irma and Anthony Rodriguez(non-registered)
My husband and I would like to thank Arch of Reno chapel our ceremony and vowels were so special and we loved our wedding ceremony. The staff was absolutely amazing and appreciate all the attentiveness to every detail. Sincerely from the Rodriguez’s
Eliabeth Ann-Maria Cavallero
The staff at Arch of Reno chapel are amazing we eloped last minute and they made our ceremony so special thank you so much.
Corey & Jodie Ronquillo(non-registered)
My Husband & I would like to thank Arch of Reno wedding Chapel for there Services...They were Very punctual & Very Nice! Thank you Again, The Ronquillo’s 7/4/20( COVID-19 Wedding)
Leland & Sharon Rogers(non-registered)
Our experience with the "Arch of Reno Wedding Chapel" was unexpectedly fantastic. We expected just a "legal ceremony" which we would have been happy with. What we got was so much more. The staff were so nice and helpful. Our officiator was personable and did a great job. The flowers were beautiful. What we thought was going to be just what was necessary legally turned in to an emotional and memorable experience. They made our ceremony feel like a wedding.
Now, after receiving the photos, DVD and marriage certificate I am even more impressed. I would recommend using the "Arch of Reno" to anyone who is planning a small wedding. It was perfect for us as ex-husband-ex-wife getting married again.
Thank you for our wonderful memories!
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